The optimistic, dim-witted protagonist.

Comics: 168
Recent Appearance: Wish
First Appearance: Snowfall


The mad genius.

Comics: 129
Recent Appearance: Wish
First Appearance: Karate Kid 2

Ed Daily

The Nihilist.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: Mr. Grim
First Appearance: Reality TV

Coach Ditmoore

The high-strung coach.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Sultan of Slump
First Appearance: Asteroid 4

Chuck Moody

The school bully.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Body Language
First Appearance: Snowfall 2

Phoebe Fitzgerald

The political idealist, and Floyd's secret love interest.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Class President
First Appearance: Floyd and Phoebe

Sara Daniels

The goody-two-shoes.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Birthday Party 7
First Appearance: Very Bad Place

Frank Fender

The hippie activist.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Injustice
First Appearance: Earth Day