Floyd Ray Inklar

As the protagonist of the strip and lovable loser, Floyd is an 8-year-old, optimistic dimwit--who despite being dealt a bad hand in life--keeps his head held high in a world destined to drag him down.

Comics: 135
Recent Appearance: Body Language
First Appearance: Snowfall

Benny Carter

Benny is Floyd's only friend, and his antithesis. He is a scientific-minded pragmatist who hates corporate-driven consumerism, and has an unhealthy fascination for the end of the world. He offers Floyd companionship, but very little reliance.

Comics: 104
Recent Appearance: Body Language
First Appearance: Karate Kid 2

Ed Daily

Ed Daily is a lonely, depressed, out-of-work air traffic controller who spends the majority of his days at Jim's Pub or in his La-Z-Boy soaking up the vast culture of American television. He often receives unwanted advice from Floyd, who he considers a constant nuisance.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Life is no Picnic
First Appearance: Reality TV

Coach Ditmoore

Floyd's high-strung Coach who is constantly annoyed by his lack of athleticism.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Sports Hero
First Appearance: Asteroid 4

Chuck Moody

The typical school bully who tries to make Floyd's life miserable.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Body Language
First Appearance: Snowfall 2

Phoebe Fitzgerald

Floyd's socially-awkward love interest.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Love Letter 3
First Appearance: Floyd and Phoebe

Frank Fender

Frank is an oversensitive hyper-environmentalist with extremist ideas that only seem crazy in a world where the definition of "sanity" is how well-adjusted you are to modern society. There's a little bit of Frank in us all – whether we'd like to admit it or not.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Environmental Disaster
First Appearance: Earth Day

Sara Daniels

Sweet, kind-hearted Sara lives a sheltered life where everything is puppies and rainbows, but she is frequently awakened to the cruel realities of the world by Benny the pragmatist.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Hard Truth
First Appearance: Very Bad Place